Okay, so we're honestly not that psyched about Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom, but we figured we had to do something with it. Basically this is our reality show episode with a few mentions of Jurassic World. I realized after we recorded that some listeners might not know who Corinne from The Bachelor is. Go watch www.bit.ly/silverscreencorn if you really feel the need to know who she is. Or don't.

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Spoilers: None

Featured Movie: Survival: Jurassic World

Inspired by: Survivor and the movies in theaters on July 4th 2018

Directed by: 1/3 Jeff Probst

Starring: Jeff Probst, Corinne from the Bachelor, and all the stars in movies in theaters on July 4th 2018

Tagline: Reality Life Finds a Way

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